Hydra represents the latest in secure, high-speed, voice and data two-way communications networks. Established to deliver an advanced and cost effective network solution to any organisation requiring secure and instant team communications. Improved coverage, loud clear audio, superior data capabilities, fully supported with a 24/7 help desk. Hydra is an all Australian owned and operated network system built using the revolutionary Intelligent Radio Protocol® ensuring your communications are fast, safe and secure. Hydra is also designed to provide choice. As Customers’ your needs and requirements are wide and varied, the Hydra group of networks have been designed to provide you with the optimal choice based on your needs and requirements. HYDRA-G uses services that are certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

Instant voice and data secure group communications

Instant voice and data secure group communications

  • Instant team communications with no limits on groups or fleet size.
  • Privacy is assured with Hydra’s two-way SSL Certificate Authentication system.
  • Situational awareness with the Professional Desktop Command Center.
  • HYDRA-G uses services that are certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).
Built on a future Proof Platform

Built on a future Proof Platform

  • Your communications are always on the leading edge of what’s possible with the ongoing updates & upgrades program.
  • Fully over-the-air configurable, reducing management costs and increasing flexibility.
  • 5G ready. Hydra’s architecture maintains pace with the latest available technology.
The system operates over a high-speed broadband network

The system operates over a high-speed broadband network

  • Clear team communications, Hydra is delivering unparalleled broadcast quality audio.
  • Keep your business moving. Hydra instantly delivers voice, messages, images, files instantly and securely to individuals or groups of users.
  • Benefit from advances and investments in IP and broadband networks ensuring your coverage, network speeds, capacities, security and resilience are on a constant improvement curve.


The smart choice for two-way communications keeping your workforce connected and your team communications on the leading edge. Powered by the revolutionary secure two-way protocol IRP®, Hydra Network provides customers with peace of mind that the system is designed with voice and data security as critical parameters. Knowing your communications are safe and secure is paramount to maintaining your business edge. Hydra Network provides instant team communications, both voice and data are quickly transmitted with no set up time in the IRP® protocol regardless of how large a fleet size is or where it is located. The system is designed, built and operated by experts in all of the technologies required to deliver a trusted, fast and leading edge two-way IP solution. Coverage is delivered over high-speed broadband networks covering in excess of 99% of the population in Australia, whether the need is to communicate over wide geographic areas, cities, inside buildings, in basements or rooftops Hydra Network delivers industry leading performance.


Is a range of dedicated networks for use by government, defence, public safety and emergency services agencies. The networks have all of the advanced user functionality and features of the Hydra Network with the added ability to customise critical areas such as, redundancy, encryption levels, interoperability and integration with both terrestrial and satellite communications systems. HYDRA-G uses services that are certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

Hydra Global

Hydra Network is deployed through Amazon Web Services, AWS, to provide a robust and wide reaching footprint covering the globe. Adding a level of redundancy and protection enabling Hydra Network to redirect traffic at any time if required. Ideal for companies operating in multiple zones to take advantage of the most efficient network routing.


Created to enable customers and OEM organisations requiring significant levels of customization and deep integration with other systems or large scale managed services contracts. Hydra-X allows the client to customise the graphical user interface, GUI, integrate the core IRP® functionality in part or completely into preexisting or new applications the client may be using and achieve full device and systems integration.

  • Full or partial managed services
  • Cross platform
  • Deep integration
  • Custom graphical user interface
  • Custom Command module functionality and screen layouts

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