Hydra Network works with a team of resellers specialized in both communications technologies and the industries served by the Hydra Network. Ensuring our customers receive the most professional and comprehensive advice is critically important to us. Resellers are selected based on a strict criteria including areas such as, industry experience, technical capability, quality and service focused, vibrant and innovative vision to grow the industry.

Hydra Network is looking for resellers interested in being part of the future of two-way communications.



Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania


New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Kingdom

The land mobile industry has never been in a period of disruption and opportunity as it is today. Customer demands for more of everything, security, quality, speed, innovation and the ability to operate where they do business without limitations. The continual build out of high-speed network infrastructure is growing at unprecedented levels. Hydra Network has been at the forefront of deploying revolutionary radio IP technologies to enable its customers to take full advantage of what’s made available through these advances to ensure they can operate safety, securely and with peace of mind that the solutions are all Australian designed, owned and operated. A team of experts in two way radio, cellular networks and secure communications ensure its customers and resellers receive the best available technology and support.

As a Hydra Network reseller you will be provided with the tools and technology to participate in the fastest market transition the land mobile industry has undergone. Customers are moving to high speed IP solutions to keep pace with their own operational needs, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in this industry.  Regardless of what industry segment you look at, the need for more efficient and effective communications is of paramount importance.

Being part of this exciting trend is an opportunity that comes along very rarely, the market forces and technology driving these migrations are going to create the most impactful and long lasting change in the companies serving the customers.

Become part of a winning team setting the standard and helping customers navigate the disruptions and be part of the future of two way communications.

Hydra Network is looking for companies with experience in two-way and IP technologies with a track record in delivering communications solutions with a focus on being visionary, quality focused and with a strong desire to grow at rates never before seen in the industry.

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