Push-to-talk (PTT) solutions represent a technological leap forward that is bringing professional two-way radio communications into the broadband age. Hydra Network forms a vital part of these revolutionary advances operating over high-speed broadband networks and utilising the all Australian two way radio protocol, IRP®, which allows businesses and organisations across a broad range of industries to fully leverage the possibilities promised by Broadband Push to Talk (PTT) Radio with all the benefits of traditional land mobile radio.

Secure, instant communication is a vital part of smooth operating practices in a whole host of industries from transport, freight, construction and emergency response to hospitality, security and event management. Any operation which relies on individuals and teams working together over a wide area, across multiple sites or with mobile working units also necessarily relies on timely, dependable and appropriate communication between every person involved.

Push-to-talk is a two-way communication technology which allows professional users to transmit information instantly and securely at the push of a button. This includes voice communications between individuals or between groups of any size. In addition, the new generation of PTT Solutions also provide a much greater range of functionality than traditional two-way radios. The speed and power of broadband allows for communication via text, messaging, images and data transfer to suit the most effective methods of working for each industry application and each individual task.

PTT Solutions utilising the existing broadband networks have been on the market for some time, but a number of serious issues with the technology persisted. While early Broadband Push to Talk (PTT) Radio effectively expanded the number of channels which had been available for professional use under the old land-based radio infrastructure, there were still significant issues with the underlying protocol being  designed primarily for telephone conference calls rather than “always on” two-way radio, meaning it did not support truly instant group communication.

In order to address these critical issues, Hydra Networks have developed cutting edge, high-speed broadband networks which are specifically designed to serve push-to-talk communications including voice and data. Coverage reaches over 99% of the population with servers based in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Hydra’s networks are built on the revolutionary Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®), custom-made in Australia for the specific demands of Push to talk (PTT) radio communications. In practical terms, this translates into highly superior coverage, genuinely instant communication with no set-up time in the protocol and all the enhanced speed, capacity and quality that come with a leading edge broadband network dedicated to providing for PTT Solutions.

On top of solving the inherent weaknesses of early push-to-talk (PTT) solutions which fell short of providing for reliable or instant communication, Hydra Network also delivers enhanced, broadcast quality audio, high-level security encryption and a range of options for real-time situational awareness to efficiently manage your operations.


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