Instant communications increase productivity across the construction industry

The Hydra Network is built around the speed, capacity and reliability of dedicated broadband infrastructure and the latest network technology designed to meet the communication needs of a wide range of modern businesses. This includes advanced two way radio solutions such as push to talk over cellular (POC) which are ideal for the specific challenges and demands of the construction industry environment.

Effective communication across individuals, teams, specialised trades and external suppliers is vital for smooth, efficient and safe working practices during any construction project. Work teams on the construction site are constantly involved in physical labour and operating heavy machinery. A continuing concern for the construction industry, therefore, is efficiently coordinating numerous workers, maintaining worker safety, managing multiple assets across materials, tools and equipment as well as handling deliveries and other third parties. Maximising situational awareness across the construction site area contributes to increased productivity which allows your projects to run to schedule and within budget every step of the way.

Hydra’s powerful networks support push to talk over cellular (POC) which allows for a purpose built range of rugged devices to be used for instant push-to-talk (PTT) communications. This push-to-talk (PTT) functionality is vital in the construction industry, where all of the varied teams and individuals involved must coordinate their work in real time across the construction site.

Hydra’s advanced technology means that each device is ‘always on’ and always ready to send and receive transmissions. In the construction environment, it is often necessary for workers to have their hands free for a full range of physical motion in order to continue with their work while simultaneously receiving important guidance and instructions on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. Workgroups or fleets can be easily configured based on need and relevance, whether that is between two individuals, selected groups of workers or across the whole team on site. Making and receiving ordinary mobile phone calls clearly doesn’t provide for the same level of functionality and ease of use, either in terms of communicating across groups or allowing constant hands free reception of important information during complex tasks.

Hydra’s leading edge communication technology also out performs traditional land-based two way radio in a whole host of areas. While old fashioned ‘walkie talkies’ are significantly limited in terms of coverage, Hydra Networks support push to talk over cellular (POC) solutions with coverage reaching over 99% of the Australian population. No matter how sprawling the construction site is or how remote the area, this provides for reliable, consistent lines of communication and increased productivity anytime and anywhere. Hydra Networks also deliver crystal clear, broadcast quality audio, meaning that all of your important voice communications are delivered with maximum clarity to avoid time-consuming repetition or, even worse, misheard and misunderstood instructions which can cause mistakes and accidents.

Hydra Networks advanced PPT solutions are flexible and adaptable to suit your needs and can easily be scaled to meet the requirements of any construction big or small. Contact us today to discuss how advanced instant communications can improve productivity on your next project.

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