Fleet management and customer satisfaction. Knowing where your fleet is and how to best utilise it is critical to delivering exceptional customer service. The safety of your own teams and the ability to view all of your vehicles at-a-glance on our Command and Control solution. Hydra is the smart choice for fleet managers and owners.

Network Benefits:

  • Managing your fleet, wherever and whenever, able to clearly see a visual situation on a map, speak, send messages and instructions, all from an intuitive easy to use solution.
  • Operate in areas not covered by traditional two-way radio solutions.
  • Ability to communicate across multiple organisations when required.
  • Utilising Hydra’s powerful Command and Control Solution to improve safety, situational awareness and asset utilization.
  • Powerful fixed mobile solution to better take advantage of the network coverage.
  • Improve R.O.I, Hydra Solutions provide value for money in an ever challenging budgetary environment.
  • Easy to integrate into existing mobile environments already present in your vehicles. If you have an existing mobile terminal, tablet or computer in your vehicle we may be able to install our mobile applications directly onto that existing device and further reduce your capital and ongoing costs.
  • Whether you transport people, freight, short or long haul, by road or rail, Hydra has a solution for your needs.

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