Security, safety, improved service levels and response times, instantly being able to respond your employees and customer’s needs. Whether your campus is a school, a warehouse, a sports stadium or multiple locations, Hydra delivers for all your two-way communications needs. Ensuring efficient crowd management, safety of your students, your customers and employees. Using the Hydra solution for all of your departmental and functional needs for both voice and data means less complexity, less costs and a better outcome for your stakeholders. Short or long-term use, Hydra is the smart choice.

Network Benefits:

  • Managing your teams, wherever and whenever.
  • Operate in areas not covered by traditional two-way radio solutions.
  • Ability to communicate across multiple departments or locations when required.
  • Utilising Hydra’s powerful Command and Control Solution to improve safety, situational awareness and asset utilization.
  • Improve R.O.I, Hydra Solutions provide value for money in an ever challenging budgetary environment.
  • Flexibility, Hydra easily scales for events peak loads, no need for fixed costly investments in infrastructure you may only require from time to time.
  • Event management made simpler, no need for fixed costs or complexity, Hydra can be easily and quickly deployed for peak event situations.

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