Security, safety, improved service levels and response times, instantly being able to respond your stakeholders, employees. If you manage a business that has field teams, be it in the service, sales, support, technical areas or you are in the business of providing customer service in a mobile environment, event management services, retail. Hydra is the smart choice. Fast voice, integrated data and device integration means a competitive advantage and reduced complexity.

Network Benefits:

  • Managing your teams, wherever and whenever.
  • Operate in areas not covered by traditional two-way radio solutions.
  • Ability to communicate across multiple departments or locations when required.
  • Utilising Hydra’s powerful Command and Control Solution to improve safety, situational awareness and asset utilization.
  • Improve R.O.I, Hydra Solutions provide value for money in an ever challenging budgetary environment.
  • Flexibility, Hydra easily scales for events peak loads, no need for fixed costly investments in infrastructure you may only require from time to time.
  • Event management made simpler, no need for fixed costs or complexity, Hydra can be easily and quickly deployed for peak event situations.
  • Ability to quickly, easily, take pictures and send them to individuals or teams all inside your secure own system.
  • Ability to transfer technical information, manuals, schematics remotely.

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