Hydra Networks and Rapid software solutions deliver cutting edge two-way communications

In addition to the speed, quality, capacity and reliability of the underlying network powering your Push to Talk communications it’s also vitally important to carefully consider the suitability of the software solutions you and your teams will need to interact with day in and day out. From the central command and control setup through to individual users and devices, the software you rely on should be capable of maximising the potential provided by Hydra’s high speed Broadband Push to Talk (PTT) Radio networks.

Hydra networks are designed to be a flexible and easy to deploy two-way communications solution which meets the needs of each customer segment. This includes hardware device compatibility with the option to use a range of approved radio devices to connect with the powerful high speed Hydra broadband networks. This flexibility is an important part of our commitment to providing clients with a range of choices to best address the varied situations and budgetary requirements they present. Whatever hardware options you choose for your requirements, Hydra can provide an advanced, high-speed, secure broadband network dedicated to instant communication.

While Hydra networks are committed to providing maximum customer choice in this way, the range of Rapid software solutions offer the optimum experience for broadband-based radio and mobile communication covering both your voice and data needs. Both Hydra networks and Rapid software are built around the game-changing Australian-developed and owned Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®) which has been specifically developed to deliver instant connectivity for Broadband Push to Talk (PTT) Radio users, with enhanced coverage reaching 99% of the population. The array of features and ease of use provided by the suite of Rapid software solutions leverage the possibilities presented by the speed and capacity of Hydra’s dedicated networks and, used in combination, this can deliver the ultimate in leading edge two-way communications technology for modern businesses and organisations.

For individual device users traveling out in the field or spread across your operational area, the Rapid Client provides a feature-packed and intuitive, user-friendly interface. The revolutionary IRP® technology means every device is ‘always on’ and always ready to send and receive crystal clear audio communications between individuals and groups, as well as providing options for text messaging and data transfer. For display devices, users can also utilise the functionality of picture messaging and real-time GPS location of themselves and other users. A number of safety features also improve personal security including, emergency alerts, lone worker, zone worker and more.

At the command and control level, Rapid Command provides a powerful range of features in a desktop solution which provides optimum levels of situational awareness, all designed to deliver improved asset management, efficiency and safety. Supervisors and controllers can visualise the ever-changing situation in real-time through integration with Google maps, including all its constantly updated traffic information and range of map display types. In addition to the same instant voice and data communication between individuals and groups, supervisors are also empowered to communicate across groups simultaneously, regroup users dynamically and use priority voice interruption over other users when necessary.

Achieving the ultimate in leading-edge technology for instant Push to Talk and data communications relies on both the power of Hydra Network’s high speed broadband networks and the unrivalled functionality of Rapid solutions. Contact us to find out how we can meet your needs both now and into the future.

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