How the Hydra Network benefits customers across any industry

Increasingly, traditional two-way radio is becoming challenged, lacking in flexibility and performance for the needs of modern businesses. To respond to these growing customer needs, Radio IP technology has been evolving. Using the speed, coverage and connectivity of the always evolving broadband networks to provide users with clear and reliable voice communication and secure group messaging to meet the needs of today’s industries. The Hydra network is at the forefront of innovation in delivering reliable and secure PTT solutions. Hydra utlilizes the Rapid suite of PTT solutions built on the all Australian Intelligent Radio Protocol®.

From the rugged environment of a construction site to the most refined and polished hospitality and events venues, effective, secure and reliable communication between individuals and teams is a vital requirement to ensure a safe and productive work and play environment.
In transportation, for instance, Hydra allows for smooth and safe fleet management, including areas where a lack of seamless coverage using traditional two-way radios would be problematic. The Hydra Networks Command and control solution, Rapid Command also provides an enhanced functionality which allows operators to view and communicate with all of the vehicles in their fleet, improving safety and efficiency all while using a familiar and powerful google mapping interface. In the government sector, the Hydra-G hardened PTT solutions are a vital part of managing and coordinating teams, providing secure communication channels between control rooms and people in the field. At airports, Hydra provides dependable communication solutions across various key areas of operation from ground crews to baggage handling and processing. In the construction industry, Hydra is relied upon for voice and data communication solutions to effectively and efficiently coordinate teams and key people on site as well as for better managing materials and deliveries. Across a broad spectrum of hospitality and events management, from hotels and conferences to sports stadiums, Hydra can be deployed to provide instant voice and data communications which improve the experience of guests in areas such as general housekeeping, concierge services, security and crowd control.

These industries represent just a sample of the types of business the Hydra network have helped to grow and thrive through the use of effective communications. Whether it is waste management, retail, sales, technical support or any number of other enterprises, reliable and secure communication is often among the most important ingredients for success. Hydra can benefit any business which relies on effective communication between individuals and teams working together across small or large areas or in multiple locations.
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