How the Hydra Network delivers improved safety standards

Hydra Networks unlock the possibilities of the latest in professional two-way radio for voice and data communications. This powers the advanced broadband push to talk (PTT) solutions which can increase safety and situational awareness across a broad range of industries.

Protecting the safety of your people, as well as the safety of your customers, visitors and the general public, is always the paramount concern for any business operation. For businesses in a number of specific industries, however, there are a number of heightened risk factors and specific safety issues which owners and managers must take responsibility for to minimise the potential dangers. This often means ensuring reliable lines of communication between individual workers, teams and central control centres, particularly where staff are spread out over large geographical areas and working in remote areas. In the transportation industry, for instance, drivers are commonly working alone and or in remote locations which present significant safety issues. The security of the communications themselves is also a safety consideration for businesses working in particularly sensitive roles such as security, airports and government or anyone that needs to keep their business critical information to themselves.

In all of these contexts and more, effective, reliable and clear communication between all personnel located anywhere across the country, or even in locations across the globe, is an indispensable factor in protecting safety. In addition to direct communication, operators also need the best possible systems available for constantly updated situational awareness to monitor the location and status of their workers. Many businesses dealing with these kinds of safety issues have traditionally relied on two-way radios but have faced problems related to limited coverage and a lack of functionality beyond basic voice communications. While mobile phones have provided an additional method of communication, they commonly rely on one to one calls and only provide the necessary link with workers in the field if they are able to answer a phone while working.

The advanced broadband push to talk (PTT) solutions powered by Hydra Networks deliver greatly enhanced standards of safety across a broad range of challenging environments. Broadband push to talk (PTT) allows for smartphones and smartphones with an added PTT button to be used as a reliable means of instant crystal clear two-way voice and data communications. Hydra Networks provide unrivalled coverage reaching 99% of the Australian population, including the rural and remote locations that mobile units are often called to operate in. This facilitates a consistent line of communication between individuals and groups spread across wide areas which is essential to maintaining safety.

Hydra Networks also support powerful software solutions for operators and controllers. The Rapid Command suite delivers optimal situational awareness and safety features with real time GPS location tracking integrated with Google Maps as well as key information on the speed and travel direction of users, histories of GPS coordinates, and a range of safety measures such as alerts for lone workers. Where data security is a key requirement, Hydra Networks offers users the peace of mind provided by end-to-end encryption which covers data in transit (i.e. information actively travelling through the network) and data at rest (information stored data stored on a computer or drive).

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