How Hydra delivers advanced two-way communications for the broadband age

Hydra is among the most advanced secure two-way communication networks in the market today. Built on the all Australian Intelligent Radio Protocol IRP®, the Hydra network is specifically designed to meet the constantly evolving needs of modern businesses and organisations. At the heart of this is a dedicated high-speed broadband network capable of delivering an advanced push-to-talk (PTT) solution for instant, reliable, secure and high-quality voice communication between the key people and teams who work together to keep your operations running smoothly. In addition to superior voice communications, the Hydra network also supports enhanced data functionality in your two-way communications systems, allowing you to unlock the power of the latest technology and the connectivity of the broadband age.

Hydra’s Australian owned and operated network provides improved coverage and speed, thanks largely to the Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP). This represents a great leap forward from what earlier broadband radio networks were capable of. Unlike most IP radio solutions, which are developed using existing Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), the Hydra network is powered by IRP® ,which is a purpose built two-way radio protocol for fast and secure one-to-many communication. This meets the critical criteria required by demanding two way radio customers.

Intelligent Radio Protocol, in conjunction with the power and speed of the Hydra network, has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of two-way radio users looking for instant secure communication in a push-to-talk (PTT) solution. What’s more, Hydra’s networks and the Intelligent Radio Protocol® are future proof given that they are built around an ongoing program of updates and upgrades ensuring you are always current with any features the latest technology enables.  Hydra is set to drive two-way communications into the future.

For enterprise customers, Hydra provides all the functionality your team needs to stay connected, communicate effectively and keep your business at the leading edge. Beyond the speed and quality the Hydra network offers for two-way voice and data communications, peace of mind is also provided by a commitment to safeguarding the security of your information across the network with end to end encryption.

For companies routinely working in multiple locations around the world, the Hydra Global Network harnesses the reach of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This establishes a reliable global footprint and allows Hydra to redirect traffic as required to achieve the most efficient path through the network.

Hydra-G networks are allocated for the particular needs of organisations and agencies in government, defence, emergency services and public safety, with additional options relevant to this type of use. Customisation possibilities include areas such as integration with terrestrial communication systems and satellites, redundancy and encryption levels.

Hydra-X offers deep integration with other systems and extensive customisation possibilities which are important factors for companies and OEM organisations looking to realise the impressive functionality of the core IRP to build into existing systems or new applications in development.

There is a Hydra Network which can be configured to suit the needs of any business or organisation. Contact us today to discuss how Hydra can help revolutionise your two-way communications and the way you work.

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