Discover the benefits of advanced two-way communications on the high-speed Hydra network

The internet age has brought us all closer together and created the means for people to connect and do business in ways which defy the geographical restrictions of the physical world. As a pioneering force in the communications industry, Hydra Network have tackled the technology gap between what traditional land mobile radio is capable of head on to bring radio communications for businesses and organisations into the modern era.

Many businesses across a wide range of industries rely heavily on two-way radio communications for the smooth and safe completion of their everyday operations. In any context where people are spread out across a large area or across multiple sites, achieving an effective and efficient working culture across the team as a whole relies on clear and reliable communication between all team members. In the past, this meant voice communications over land mobile two-way radios, that technology previously served businesses and organisations sufficiently well for many years. The older style two-way radio technology is becoming increasingly outdated and not able to take full advantage of what the latest technologies can deliver. Early broadband radio systems allowed for improvement in some areas, but the protocols that underpinned them didn’t provide the same instant communication or coverage that users relied on to keep their operations moving.

The Hydra Network is built on the unique all Australian Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®) specifically developed for this purpose. It provides a reliable dedicated broadband network solution for fast, secure, high-quality two-way communications. In real terms, this has solved the problems of earlier digital radio and unlocked the unrealised potential of the broadband age to power high-speed, broadcast quality voice and data communications. With a base in Melbourne and a global footprint encompassing servers in Asia, North America, South America and Europe, our customers can be sure of an optimal communications pathway with coverage reaching over 99% of the population.

two-way radio communication

The Intelligent Radio Protocol along with the speed of the dedicated Hydra networks provides for truly instant voice and data communications across team members, regardless of the size of your fleet or the number of groups involved. This is true of real time voice communications, messages, files and images; all delivered instantly. The high-speed Hydra broadband network for two-way communications also delivers users clarity of communication with leading broadcast quality audio. Peace of mind on security of your information is assured in Hydra networks with two-way SSL Certificate Authentication while the Professional Desktop Command Centre provides controllers with ultimate situational awareness.

Hydra not only brings your communications up to the minute with leading edge technology but also represents a valuable investment in your future. Ongoing updates and upgrades keep your network up to the minute with the benefits of developing advances. For instance, Hydra is 5G ready and the network architecture is always ready to deliver the advantages of the latest technology.

Hydra is the custom built all Australian choice which can be relied upon to serve the communication needs of modern businesses and organisations, addressing the issues they face now and as the technology landscape evolves. Contact us to find out more.


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