The next generation of secure two-way push to talk communication

While any number of companies offer PTT solutions there is a vast difference in what is available in the market. The Hydra network uses the Rapid™ PTT solution which is designed and built on the revolutionary Australian owned and operated Intelligent Radio Protocol (IRP®).

Why is this important to our customers?

Security by design. The Hydra network is managed in Australia by the owners and developers of the system. Your critical customer information is managed in accordance with Australian information security requirements. Our customers know where any data is resident and who has access at all times. The system is fully encrypted, data at rest, data in use or data in motion, Hydra network protects your business. Accept nothing less when it comes to your business’ critical information.

Hydra is fast, both voice and data is securely transmitted over a high-speed broadband network. The IRP® Protocol ensures instant communications regardless of size or complexity of your fleet size. Small or large, local or global, Hydra delivers.

Hydra is local. With a 24/7 help desk, staffed by the owners and developers of the technology, support is quickly and professionally delivered.

Hydra provides a powerful command and control solution, utilising standard google API’s for a familiar and rich mapping solution the Hydra Rapid Command suite offers true multifunction desktop solutions for voice communications, data,text and file transfers, image transfers, location based services. Putting you in control of your most valuable assets and keeping your staff safe.

Hydra can also be integrated into your existing enterprise solutions to combine multiple devices, suitable for use in many and varied environments and industries including stadiums, warehouses, campuses, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, security, transportation and logistics.

Benefits of the Hydra network include:

• Managing employees across multiple locations and or time zones
• Ability to customise the technology and integrate software into existing solutions
• Instant secure voice and data group communications
• Always on, ready to talk, no set up delays.
• One-to-many instant communications
• A reliable and secure network
• Fast and easy to implement and with reduced capital investment
• At the forefront of technology using IP and carrier technologies
• Operable over any high speed broadband network
• Regular updates create a future proof investment.

The Hydra network keeps its customers at the forefront of leveraging advances in communication technology, it’s specifically designed to seamlessly grow and expand with our customers’ needs, future proofing their business and ensuring betters ways of operating are continuously passed on.

Secure, fast, easy to deploy and operate, with built-in customisation and upgrade features, the Hydra network is the next generation of secure, instant two-way communications.

Speak to one of the Hydra team to find out how Hydra can help your business become more efficient. Call +61 3 9465 9399, email or request a trial of our exciting solutions.

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